What causes cramps?

The Cause of Cramps

The Australian Sports Commission (AIS) describes cramps as a, “tight and intense pain that most commonly occurs in the muscle groups directly involved in the exercise task.” Even though most people will suffer from cramps at some point in their lives, there is little medical consensus on what causes them because few doctors are studying them.

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Why do people sneeze?

Why Do People Sneeze?

One of the main things we need to consider is…is…ACHOO! Sorry, we need…ACHOO!

Sneezes always seem to come upon us at the most inopportune times. Whether you’re in the middle of a business meeting, asking out that hot date, or carrying a huge tray of food, sneezes seem to follow their own schedule and not our own.

So what are sneezes and why do they happen? After all, ever person on the planet sneezes from time to time, usually twice in a row, and most animals do so as well. What’s behind this amazing, and often annoying, marvel of nature?

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